Self Defense's Intensive Program for Women (Upon Request)

Double Dragon Martial Art Center in Houston offering Women's Self-Defense course combines the usage of pressure points, take downs,and ground fighting, as well as using such items as a purse, keys, pens, or a belt as a weapon. You will also learn how to escape from an attacker when grabbed from behind. The training involves stretching,warm up exercises, cardio vascular work outs, kicks, and defense against weapons. It will build on skills you already have, and we provide a caring environment when women feel safe to train. The physical techniques are easy to remember, and the defenses are based on intelligence, not muscle.

What will you get from the training? You will gain self-confidense, calmness in stressful situations, assertiveness, awareness of your surroundings, self-esteem, and self-worth. You will build on existing strengths, we will provide support and encouragement, and you will realize you have value over and beyond that of an attacker. Finally, it will enable you to connect with your own stength and power.